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A unique and effective format for a personalized training

From Concept to Production



Augmented Reality technology has the potential to improve and speed up processes, while at the same time increasing performance and effectiveness levels in areas like maintenance, architecture & engineering, cultural heritage, education, printing, marketing, entertainment and logistics.



The goal of the workshop is to provide you with the skills that are required to easily create your AR experiences and to develop any arbitrarily complex scenario/application that combines different tracking and navigation techniques.


We will provide a practical guide throughout a variety of applications and demonstrations thus enabling you to autonomously create your own projects based on the new Armedia 3D SDK, Hyperspaces Platform and ARplugins.


The workshop will provide a step-by-step support in creating a variety of Augmented Reality experiences in the context of the beautiful medieval village of Fossanova





ARmedia Hyperspaces Platform allows you to create complex AR experiences for different application domains without writing a line of code. Thanks to the three-days intensive workshop you will learn all that is required to achieve your creative and applicative goals with a variety of tools and techniques, including NFT tracking, geo-location, QR codes, iBeacons and 3D Object Tracking.



The ARmedia 3D SDK allows you to create first of a kind applications based on a unique 3D Object Tracking technology developed by Inglobe Technologies in collaboration with VTT Research Centre of Finland. During the three day workshop you will learn how to design and implement applications that are capable of recognizing and track complex real-world objects independently of their geometry and size. You will be provided with design patterns, code snippets, knowledge of the tools and all that is required to create even the most complex mobile and smartglass applications.




The ARmedia Plugins allow you to create marker based and geolocated AR experiences directly inside your preferred 3D modeling tool. The three day workshop will provide you with all that is needed to design and create your AR projects and get the best out of one of the most widely used AR tools worldwide.




Method & Results

The outcome of the workshop will be the ability to exploit the potential of the SDK, Hyperspaces Platform and ARplugins.



On each day of the workshop the activities will be preceded by a plenary Key Note delivered by some of the most influential thinkers in the international AR community. The Key Notes will address fundamental issues in the future of Augmented Reality and Perceptual Computing technologies.


The participants will then be divided in three different groups that will be working simultaneously and respectively on the SDK, the Hyperspaces Platform and the ARplugins.



The workshop will be based on a “learning by doing” approach. The participants will be supported by a team of instructors in the development of applications and experiences. Results will be presented and discussed on day three of the event.


The best project will be awarded the  1st ARmedia Trophy. Additional prizes will be offered by the Sponsors.


Design Tasks

Freely choose one out of a number of assigned design tasks and challenges suitable to make learning as fast as possible



Create Navigation and/or Content Experiences




Create a “demo” application




Turn your ideas into a great AR experience








The design tasks will be related to Fossanova’s medieval village, the Abbey and the Medieval Museum.

Participants will be able to focus on items, equipment, buildings, or the whole area. If approved, they might bring specific equipment with them to create a fully-customized project.


The detailed list of Design Tasks will be presented to participants before the Workshop starts.


Materials, Software & Equipment

Prior to the workshop, we will make available instructions for downloading, installing, and getting comfortable with the software, devices, and assets we will use, so we can make the best of our time together!



What do we provide?

The organization will allow the participants to pick up any item out of a list of items provided as a reference for the “Create & Deploy” activities. Besides the list, the organization will also provide some basic assets to be used in the process. Participants will also be encouraged to bring with them any object/device/asset they would like to use during the Workshop, provided that it will be agreed with the organization beforehand.



What is required of you?

You will bring your own computer and devices equipped with all that is needed to develop the workshop project alongside with a valid license of the SDK/Hyperspace Platform/ARplugins starting at least from one day before the workshop. If you don’t own a valid subscription yet, you’ll be offered a special 20% Workshop discount off the full subscription fee on some of the available subscription plans.